Music is a huge part of my creative process. I have hundreds of playlists sorted by theme, scenes, character personalities & relationships and then playlists that help me switch into each story’s mindset.


This is my go-to playlist when I’m brainstorming. I have a more ‘classical’ style playlist for when I’m trying to get into Lily’s head specifically, because I think her personality & style is kind of old-school classy. Alec’s music bleeds into my Vice playlist.




~ Strays ~

This is my go-to Juliet playlist. I try not to make her too emo when she’s reflecting and on the verge of feeling sorry for herself, but I listen to a lot of sad sounding music to get me into that headspace, like Blápràður by Sigur Rós.

But when she’s kicking some serious butt (or hanging out with Michael), all I need is a pounding bass line to get in the zone.