If you’re anything like me, at some point in your life you probably had to sit down and wonder, “Really, am I crazy?” And then, inevitably, you get sucked into the vortex of, “If I’m crazy, do I know that I’m crazy, therefore negating the craziness or does wondering that, in fact, make me crazy.”
And when you try to explain this to a non-writerly friend, the conversation starts off a little bit like this:
Me: So, it all started with the voices.
Them: Voices?
Me: Yep. The ones in my head.
Doesn’t inspire much confidence in my mental health, right?
I don’t know precisely when it happened but I do remember not realising that those voices were, in fact, characters. I guess that realisation really pressed home the fact that whether I published or not, whether I wrote or not, in some way, shape, or form – I was a storyteller.
I like to think of writing as a form of therapy. The reason why I can manage my emotions, why I can work through difficult periods of my life, through lulls or through any sort of chaos that life hurls at me – is because I write.
Characters evolve from the emotions inside me. Their stories might be vastly different to mine (*snorts* Unless I’ve been masquerading as a werewolf prince this whole time, hehe) but they all share some core emotion with me and I think that’s how I connect with them. I can climb into their head because they’re already in mine, sharing things with me.
Which begs the question – does that mean I’m not crazy, or is it just another form of ‘craziness’?
And… is being a little crazy all that bad?


2 thoughts on “Hearing Voices

  1. Haha sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy & I don’t know it but other people know that I am in fact crazy! Sometimes I think I should check into a nutty nut house but reading this I know now that I’m normal. Unless your crazy & I just identify with your blog because I’m crazy.

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